Food for the Hungry Traveler

10 Railroad Street exemplifies American cuisine.  Cooked with exquisite products our food blends ample and delicious homemade ingredients with elegant culinary technique.  We pride ourselves on a menu that is approachable and familiar, but still executed to perfection.  The menu changes seasonally so always be on the lookout for new offerings.

Drink for the Thirsty Traveler

Our bar offers simplicity with sophistication. Aside from our classic cocktail selection, we offer a number of hand crafted original cocktails that change seasonally. We pride ourselves on our local beer and cider selection that includes bottles, cans, and twelve different tap beers from famed local and national breweries. Whether you’re joining us at our beautiful brass twenty five foot bar, or dining in our station’s platform dining room, make sure you do not miss our beverage selections.

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Food and Drink for the Hungry Traveler

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